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Who is XofY?

XofY is the short version of the business name “XofY Business and IT Services”.

XofY is a registered business from the Philippines started by Hanz Tura.

XofY is a web design and development company that provides website and web application services to its customers.

The brand name “XofY” (read as X of Y, not 'sofy') comes from the idea that anyone, with the right amount of hard work and determination, can create something out of something. Which basically means innovation.

So why did Hanz started XofY?

Hanz is actually a Certified Public Accountant when he started XofY last October 2018.

Hanz is a passionate learner and he fell in love with information technology and computer programming.

For years now, he has been a true to life self-taught programmer.

In his experience with his accounting jobs, he had always felt like computer programs are tools that can make anyone's life and work so much faster and easier.

But the programs he was using then always felt like something was always lacking. So why not build his own programs?

So he developed this dream of someday being able to start his own software company and deliver software products that will make its users experience its main concern.

Hanz started learning computer science through the massive open online course at MIT.

Why web development?

There are a lot of applications development fields like desktop applications and mobile applications.

But XofY chose to focus on web development for the following reasons:

  • Web applications can be accessed using any device (desktop computers, laptops, tablets, mobile phones).
  • Users need not install another application. They just have to use there currently installed web browser.
  • There is only one source code to maintain for any user device types.
  • The technologies and tools that are available in web development are huge and robust.
  • The web is itself in the cloud which is the trend that all companies should be going to.

What does XofY do now?

XofY provides small businesses their much-needed websites and web applications to make their operations a lot better through information technology.

Doing so in a way that financial matters will not be a constraint.

XofY is a promoter of open-source software.

In line with that, it mainly develops software that is open-source. Not just free to use, but also are free to customize and on any purpose.

How does XofY make a living through open-source software?

The software is free but if you’d like XofY to help you with the initial implementation, it is only when it charges you.

Initial implementation includes software installation, data migration, and user training.

Learning how to self implement software takes time, a lot of effort, and some material resources. That is when you, and other prospective clients, are going to appreciate the implementation services of XofY.

XofY is an expert in the field that it is in. So you are assured that you will get the necessary training and set-up to fully make use of the software that you will implement into your business operations.

Who are the customers of XofY?

For now, XofY has a total of 5 different clients that are spread across the globe.

Here are some notable projects:

  • HRSalesPipes - a free and open-source applicant tracking system in the cloud. The first customer is a recruitment agency in UAE.
  • alohadayspa.ca - the business website of a day spa in Canada, which is capable of accepting payments online through Stripe API.
  • rinaldisilvallp.ca - a highly available static website of a law firm in Canada.

For anything, you can contact XofY here.

Products & Services of XofY

As a freelance web developer XofY provides the following products and services:

Web Applications Development

Using mainly Django and VueJS, clients that hire XofY as a full stack web developer receives web applications that are:

  • Secured
  • Fast
  • Scalable
  • Responsive, so your users can access it using any device
  • SEO ready, so your customers can find you in search engines
  • Lastly, easy to maintain and deploy

So if you are looking for a full-stack web developer for your next project or idea, contact XofY here.

Website Development

Are you planning to build a website for your business and you are currently looking for a web developer for hire?

Then XofY can help you build a website for your business.

Here are some of the features that you can expect from the website that XofY will build for you:

  • Simple and fast
  • Search engine optimized, which means new leads can be generated when a prospective client finds your website when they search the internet
  • You won’t be using Wordpress as the CMS, which means you can fully take control of how your website is built. XofY uses Wagtail as its default CMS.
  • Contact forms that you can use to gather information from your customers
  • Self-hosted

Applicant Tracking System

XofY developed this open-source and free applicant tracking system called “HRSalesPIpes”.

HRSalesPipes can be used to manage core operations of an HR Recruitment Agency.

Here are the main features of HRSalesPipes:

  • Dashboard
  • Contacts
  • Jobs
  • Pipeline
  • Reports
  • Commissions

You can check the source code here.

Small Business Accounting Software

As an open-source first developer, XofY also utilizes and makes good use of the open-source community.

XofY recommends its clients the use of ERPNext as the best accounting software choice for their small business.

XofY can help you with the initial implementation, software installation, data migration, and user training to make your small business have its very own accounting software.

Custom Software Development

Every business is unique. You are unique.

So there might be some cases that an existing tool might not be the best for you or it needs some custom modifications to make it a better fit for your business needs.

XofY provides custom software development. And as always, it assures its clients that financial matters will not be a constraint.

The people behind XofY

Hanz Tura, Full Stack web developer at XofY

Hanz Tura

Hanz is a full-stack web developer.

He founded XofY last October 2018. Before that, he works as an Accountant in a CPA firm in his local city.

So he was an Accountant, now a programmer? Why?

Hanz fell in love with information technology. The problems he encountered with all the software applications he used on his accounting jobs made him realize why not make his own computer programs.

While it doesn't show on the college course that he took, but he had always been good with computers.

"I relate to computers very well. Maybe because I am more logical of a person, than I am creative. It's like I naturally relate or understand how computers work"

And problem-solving had always been one of his greater strengths.

All of those factors lead him to start X of Y Business and IT Services.

He wants to help business owners succeed by providing them websites and web applications that solve their problems.

With his accounting knowledge acquired through formal education along with his programming skills, he can easily understand the requirements of your business.

Aira Suico, a Digital Marketing Strategist at XofY

Aira Suico

Aira is a Digital Marketing Strategist at XofY.

She is a very sweet and kind person who loves her family so much.

"Helping business owners to succeed with their business is really my passion, me and my team at XofY will work hard to ensure that we deliver the best result as we could and make sure that you will benefit on it!"

Aira is a Filipino who lives somewhere in Mindanao, she is happily married to her wonderful husband and they already have two kids.

She started freelancing since 2013 but she wasn’t able to pursue her carrier at that time because she became a mom for the very first time and that was Caithlyn Dreah.

At that time she had to set aside what she had started to win motherhood. A few years later, their second child came and name him Xian.

Aira just loves her kids so much that’s why she choose to set aside her personal interests at that time.

Finally, last year she was given the chance to pursue her goal in life, she took up and finish an online course last February 2019, the SMM-in-depth course and SEO-in-depth course.

And she was awarded a gold certificate with those courses for making a job well done and meeting the deadline during the training.

She also joined the phase 1 and phase 2 apprenticeship program for both SMM and SEO to gain more experience and to build her portfolio.

With that, she was given a certificate with high remarks for finishing the on-the-job training program of Filipino Virtual Assistance Academy.

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